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Just for fun, I downloaded a zip file from a phishing mail. M$ Security Essentials didn't find anything, but five out of 21 AV at Jotti found five different viruses. So seventeen AV scanners didn't find anything suspicious in that executable. Maybe I should run it?

"If you hang around a barbershop, eventually you'll get a haircut."

Hi Jochen,

In such situations, human is the best antivirus. Identifying the message as phishing , the most simple and effective action is to click the delete button.

Hi Erol,

I fully agree. The problem is that too many people are confident that their AV can handle the virus attached to the mail (and 17 of them can't handle it, including MSE), and that the same crappy AV cripple the good products of small software companies and hobby coders by falsely declaring them "dangerous".

Hi Jochen,

Your explanation is perfect, thanks. As you mentioned, the keyword is confidency. We, the assembly coders here in the forum are lucky  as we know more about the internals of the OS and this will encourage us to make decisions about the measures to take against malwares. What is important is to be always careful as much as possible.


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