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Avast antivirus prevent running new applications

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Hello, recently I have installed MASM32 but I have experimented some strange thing, my avast is preventing to run whatever executable created through masm, even the testinst.exe generated on installation.

What happens is the process for the executable file appears on the task admin, but there's no cosole nor window pop, no way to stop process, and no way to delete exe file (until restart).

The only solution I've found is to stop antivirus file system scan while using masm32.

I'm not sure if this is a question to avast forum or I've placed on the right place, but I would like to know if someone else have experimented the same behavior.

Thanks in advance
And best regards


Some AV are notoriously bad at distinguishing malware from legit software, most of us have seen this.

On the other hand, what you can do with assembler is often beyond the capacity of standard software, and therefore it is not totally stupid to shout alarm. Check if Avast has an option to exclude certain folders (such as \Masm32\ and all sub-folders) from scanning.

Ok thanks for your reply

I've found on the avast setup the exclusion list, so I add the project dir's path and now I can go on with my work

Thank's jj2007 for your help


To prevent false positive with avast,link your project with the vc++ msvcrt.lib,not the masm32 one. ( result of tests on further machine).
There is no need to use the msvcrt functions,result is the same.
That will be enough.Lib from sdk are also welcome.

Hello ToutEnMasm, thanks for your comment and time

I'm very new in all that, so sorry if I don't understand what you are talking about; on my MASM installation there's no msvcrt.lib and I'm not familiar enough with masm (nor other assemblers, for the moment I'm practicing with qeditor and also with winasm). I'll have in mind your advice, but for the moment let me play some days with the avast exclusion enabled as jj2007 suggested

Thanks again



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