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> What happened to your old avatar ?

nickname japheth was already used in Github ( it was most likely me signing up 10 years ago and then forgetting about this ), so I used "Baron von Riedesel", which is also a very nice name. You may shorten it to "Baron", if you like -  a reference to "Huckleberry Finn" with the "Duke" and the "King" .
The Orphanage / Re: Tomorrow is my birthday
« Last post by Mikl__ on Today at 09:35:53 AM »
In the beginning the bear did not want to enter the room, because he was embarrassed by the guests who played the balalaika and drank vodka. Then the bear cub got used to us a little and began to beg the guests for a treat him. When the bear was brought to the table to to extinguish the candles on the cake, instead of blowing out the candles, he sucked in air together with the candles and cream. It was very fun for us and the bear cub
The Laboratory / Re: Simple floating point macros.
« Last post by RuiLoureiro on Today at 08:48:22 AM »
Looks good Marinus, I confess being a maths illiterate that I don't know how reciprocals work.
fld1            ; st(1)= 1.0
fld  num     ; st(0) = num
fdivp          ; st(0) = 1.0/num

The reciprocal of a fraction 4/5 is 5/4 ( n/m <-> m/n)
The reciprocal of x^n  is x^-n 
and the x^-n is x^n.
What is the reciprocal of 1/(1/2) ? is 1/2.
The Laboratory / Re: Simple floating point macros.
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 08:44:29 AM »
A reciprocal is 1/value

This is useful if you want to divide by a fixed number, say 100.0
Then the reciprocal is 1.0/100.0 = 0.01

Instead of dividing by 100.0 you multiply with 0.01
The Laboratory / Re: Simple floating point macros.
« Last post by hutch-- on Today at 08:34:39 AM »
Looks good Marinus, I confess being a maths illiterate that I don't know how reciprocals work.
The Workshop / Re: Multiply matrix MxM by MxM real4 any size
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 08:12:09 AM »
The results.
Never mind. I found the file and now I am all set. I tried the createfont method last year and ran into errors and never followed through to correct. I wish I would have as it would have prevented a lot of frustration trying to get the look I needed with the application. Getting old and blind.

Thanks again.
The Workshop / Multiply matrix MxM by MxM real4 any size
« Last post by RuiLoureiro on Today at 07:58:19 AM »
Hi all
       Here we have 1 version to multiply any matrix MxM by
       the same matrix MxM using SSE instructions and 1 that uses FPU.
       This is a particular case of MxN * NxK already posted here.
       If we need to multiply a matrix by itself this is the better
       solution than to use the general case.

      VERSION 1:
                PROCEDURE:  MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE
                MACROS:     multiplyMxN_MxK_v2A.mac

                PROCEDURE:  MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU


    MATRIX DEFINITION:      We must define any matrixX as this

                            ALIGN 16
                            dd ?
                            dd ?
                            dd M   ; <<--- number of columns
                            dd M   ; <<--- number of lines
                   matrixX  dd (M*M) dup (?)         

                            If we want to alloc memory, see the file

    VERIFY SSE PROCEDURE:   Use multiplyMxM_MxM_v1.exe/asm

    Please test it in your CPU (i5/i7/AMD).
    Use ExecuteTestmultiplyMxM_MxM_SSEv1.bat and
post the file ResultsmultiplyMxM_MxM_v1.txt.

Good luck

Some results: :t
***** Time table - LoopCount =100 000 *****

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz (SSE4)

   52  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX4x4   * MatrixX4x4
  381  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX4x4   * MatrixX4x4
  258  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX8x8   * MatrixX8x8
1902  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX8x8   * MatrixX8x8

  763  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX10x10 * MatrixX10x10
4157  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX10x10 * MatrixX10x10
  768  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX12x12 * MatrixX12x12
5797  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX12x12 * MatrixX12x12
  991  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX11x11 * MatrixX11x11
4606  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX11x11 * MatrixX11x11
1371  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX13x13 * MatrixX13x13
7289  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX13x13 * MatrixX13x13

  1895  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX16x16 * MatrixX16x16
14628  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX16x16 * MatrixX16x16

2217  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX15x15 * MatrixX15x15
11565  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX15x15 * MatrixX15x15

2412  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX14x14 * MatrixX14x14
9141  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX14x14 * MatrixX14x14

3080  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX17x17 * MatrixX17x17
16757  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX17x17 * MatrixX17x17

3650  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX20x20 * MatrixX20x20
26873  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX20x20 * MatrixX20x20

3823  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX18x18 * MatrixX18x18
20278  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX18x18 * MatrixX18x18

4174  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX19x19 * MatrixX19x19
23342  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX19x19 * MatrixX19x19

  14668  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1SSE,  MatrixX32x32 * MatrixX32x32
108478  cycles, MultiplyMxM_MxM_v1FPU,  MatrixX32x32 * MatrixX32x32
The Campus / Re: just question. on USB programming.
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 07:47:14 AM »
Look for libusb

I once made an attempt to control a SDR dongle via usb, never finished it.
But got the USB part working.
The Laboratory / Re: Simple floating point macros.
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 07:11:01 AM »

Code: [Select]
fpercent MACRO num,pcnt     ;; Get Percentage of number
local F8rcp_100
    F8rcp_100 real8 0.01
    fld     pcnt            ;; load required percentage
    fld     num             ;; load the number
    fmul    F8rcp_100
    fmulp                   ;; multiple by percentage
    EXITM   <st(0)>
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