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The Soap Box / Re: Zen story...
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 03:22:03 PM »
Hi rrr314159 ,
Long time no see.

In my observation, more kids these days take no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing their opinions as brainless social warriors.
The Laboratory / Re: 1/x timings for FPU and SIMD code
« Last post by jj2007 on Today at 02:59:14 PM »
Code: [Select]
signed equ sdword ptr
stack equ <DWord Ptr [esp]>
push 9  ; 10 iterations
  ... do something ...
  dec stack
.Until Sign? || signed eax<0
pop edx

@JimG: The fdiv makes it slow. It seems rcpss uses a much faster algorithm.
The Soap Box / Re: Zen story...
« Last post by Caché GB on Today at 11:14:14 AM »
Capetonian. "Hay D, why don't you work harder"

Durbanite. "And then."

Capetonian. "And then?"

Durbanite. "Yes. And Then."

Capetonian. "Well, and then you will have more."

Durbanite. "And then."

Capetonian. "Stop it with this 'And then' already. You'll have more money, more things you can buy.  You may even be more happy."

Durbanite. "Don't I look happy?"

Capetonian. "Yes you look happy. I said more happy."

Durbanite. "OK C. my turn. How big was your grandfather's house?"

Capetonian. "Well granddad had a double story, nine bedrooms and I think it was on two acres."

Durbanite. "And your father?"

Capetonian. "Dad had a single story, three bedrooms and it was defiantly on a quarter acre. OK I see where this is going."

Durbanite. "Yes C. and you"

Capetonian. "Hell. I don't even have land. I live in a two bedroom flat of about 75 meters squared."

Durbanite. "And who works more?"

Capetonian. "Well granddad hardly worked. Dad did about 40 hours a week. Dam, I do almost 60." 

Durbanite. "You see C. the more you work the more you make and the more you make the more THEY take."

Jo'Burger. "Yeh  man that's why they call it a rat race."
The Laboratory / Re: 1/x timings for FPU and SIMD code
« Last post by Mikl__ on Today at 10:59:23 AM »
Code: [Select]
fild stackat first I was even delighted with the non-standard appeal to the top of the FPU, but
Code: [Select]
tut_02.asm(8) : error A2006:undefined symbol : stack
Game Development / Have somebody implemented thick line algorithm?
« Last post by HSE on Today at 07:10:53 AM »

I'm fighting a little with Murphy's algorithm... but without success  :icon13:.

Perhaps somebody  :icon14:? (whatever thick line algorithm)
The Soap Box / Re: Zen story...
« Last post by rrr314159 on Today at 06:54:12 AM »
Here in the US we've figured out the right way to run an educational system. It starts with faith. Faith in the inexhaustible, infinite potential of every human being, regardless of ethnicity, gender, preference, IQ, attitude, special challenges, or any other discriminatory characteristic. Our brilliant sociologists have proven that such artificial theoretical pie-in-the-sky concepts as 'innate ability' possess no real-world instantiation. So we've decided that - since we like mathematicians - every kid will be a mathematician! Not only that, a great mathematician!

Obstructionist reactionaries harp on the fact that - as it happens - none of our K-12 math teachers know math from a hole in the wall. That's not important. Historical dialectical analysis reveals that some kids learn math on their own. It's as if they're born with the knowledge. They need a book, or teacher, just to find out what the rest of us call the concepts they already understand perfectly. For example, John von Neumann, Newton, and similar pampered scions of the aristocrat and bourgeois exploitative classes. Given that 1) all children have identical abilities, and 2) some children learn math without teachers, we conclude that 3) all children can learn math without teachers. That's as plain as the nose on your face. Why, then, are there a few isolated examples of children (about 99.99%) who have not yet achieved this simple goal? As I said earlier: It starts with faith. Tragically, a few reactionary, prejudiced individuals (about 99.99% of the general population) lack that faith. The children are victimized into losing confidence and pride in themselves. Without that, you can't do math or any academic subject. You're good only for recreational drugs, trash media, and petty violence. So we must work harder to re-educate that handful of reactionary bigots.

Faith - the key to success! The blinder the better! I can't emphasize it enough. Faith in children => child's self-confidence => mastery of mathematics. Illusory 'ability' has nothing to do with it. With enough self-confidence, advanced math is about as hard as picking your nose. As proven by our brilliant sociologists. Note - I don't mean to imply that these Harvard professors are more brilliant than anyone else! Everyone's equally brilliant. That goes without saying.

So my advice to South Africans is: simply have faith! While you're waiting for the crop of 18.5 million great mathematicians to appear, you might give this puzzle some thought: what are you going to do with all those geniuses? Can the world really absorb all that mental horsepower? Don't forget the US will soon be producing about that many every three years! The job market for geniuses might get a bit tight. Another point to ponder: they're not going to feel like doing the basic work required to keep society going. Like farming, policing, sanitation, infrastructure maintenance - all that boring unimportant stuff the decadent bourgeoisie are so obsessed with. Here's a suggestion: you adults take care of those minor tasks, while every kid goes on to win his, or her, Nobel prize. Finally, to end on a practical note: you'd better alert Stockholm to put aside 29.6 trillion to pay for all those prizes.
Easy Code IDE 32/64-bit / Re: Thanks
« Last post by Cynth on Today at 02:06:32 AM »
Thank you very much - awesome Project! :) I wish you the best for the future!

Regards, Cynth.
Romper Room / Re: A small joke
« Last post by i Z ! on Today at 01:10:35 AM »
Runs as a .eek, Right ???   :eusa_naughty:

Hi P1,
What's a .eek?

Ja, ja, natürlich, das ist Rekursion

Recursive jokes, a new programming paradigm... great, we are back on this forum's topic :icon_mrgreen:

Yeah, I wanted to add that it's recursion, but I wasn't sure if it's suitable since I stopped reading the explanation of recursive procedure at one of the first sentences, which was "In short, recursive procedure can call itself."

But in maths, I found recursive functions to be a real pain in the :exclaim: to handle:)

Is a recursion the opposite of a fractal?

ASMC Development / Re: Asmc source and binaries
« Last post by Vortex on Today at 12:49:24 AM »
However, I don't think you will find any of these algos included in msvcrt.dll.

Hi nidud,

Sorry if I am missing something but msvcrt.dll exports memcpy and a lot of traditional C functions :
Code: [Select]
\PellesC\bin\podump.exe /exports C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll
            ordinal  hint  address   name

            2E5   2E4  77BBD020  malloc
            2E6   2E5  77BAD656  mblen
            2E7   2E6  77BAD7EA  mbstowcs
            2E8   2E7  77BAD8E4  mbtowc
            2E9   2E8  77BD7C70  memchr
            2EA   2E9  77BD7D30  memcmp
            2EB   2EA  77BD7DF0  memcpy
            2EC   2EB  77BD8140  memmove
            2ED   2EC  77BD8490  memset
            2EE   2ED  77BDACF7  mktime
            2EF   2EE  77BE1AA0  modf
            2F0   2EF  77BC7E96  perror
            2F1   2F0  77BDE1C0  pow
            2F2   2F1  77BD27C2  printf
            2F3   2F2  77BD1DB4  putc
            2F4   2F3  77BCFED9  putchar
            2F5   2F4  77BD282D  puts
            2F6   2F5  77BD1FB7  putwc
            2F7   2F6  77BCFF04  putwchar
            2F8   2F7  77BC7FF0  qsort
            2F9   2F8  77BC612E  raise
            2FA   2F9  77BC8273  rand
            2FB   2FA  77BBD0C0  realloc
            2FC   2FB  77BB0A35  remove
            2FD   2FC  77BB1B2C  rename
            2FE   2FD  77BD28DB  rewind
            2FF   2FE  77BD2969  scanf
Romper Room / Re: A small joke
« Last post by HSE on Today at 12:13:18 AM »
(Sp)ecial Assembler == Spasm.   :P

Around 2001 betov created the IDE named SpAsm (Specific Assembler)
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