Author Topic: Get the latest version of Easy Code Masm here (August 5, 2016)  (Read 6200 times)


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Hi all,

In this topic, there will always be the Easy Code for Masm last available version (currently

Updated on August 5, 2016

Download the Easy Code Masm application at:  (English version)               (Catalan version) (Spanish version)

Please follow the instructions in Setup.txt file.

It adds the following features:

No new feature.

It fixes the following bugs:

Moving or sizing a window in the WM_CREATE message did not work.

Important information:

Easy Code 1.04 and later versions use the 'wsprintfW' API function in its visual libraries and versions prior to Masm32 v10 did not include that function in its User32.lib file. So, for Easy Code to be able to build projects you should download and install Masm32 v10 (recommended). If not, you must replace the and User32.lib files with those coming with Masm32 v10.

Enjoy Easy Code!

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