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DOS AVX example


Attached is the file DOSAVX.zip. It contains the sources and binaries to build the program, for example:

AVX.COM:              COM file for preparation the AVX instruction set under plain DOS
B_DFSUM.BAT:       Batch file to build the EXE
DFSUM.C:              Main function
DFSUMF.C:            file with C functions
DFSUMF.ASM:        file with assembly language functions

For more details, please read that thread very accurate. Here is the output of the program under VirtualBox:

--- Quote ---Calculating the sum of a float array in 4 different ways.
That'll take a little while. Please be patient ...

Simple C implementation:
sum1              = 8390656.00
Elapsed Time      = 45.38 Seconds

C implementation with 4 accumulators:
sum2              = 8390656.00
Elapsed Time      = 17.86 Seconds
Performance Boost = 254%

Assembly Language with 4 XMM accumulators:
sum3              = 8390656.00
Elapsed Time      = 1.21 Seconds
Performance Boost = 3755%

Assembly Language with 4 YMM accumulators:
sum4              = 8390656.00
Elapsed Time      = 0.82 Seconds
Performance Boost = 5507%

--- End quote ---

Some test results under other configurations would be fine.

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