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Miscellaneous Projects / Re: Windows Help 3
« Last post by TimoVJL on Today at 06:46:26 PM »
WHelp3View1 is a small example to look help page html source.
In sys menu is a Open mshc... to open a mshc/mshi file pair.
At first it read mshi file for titles to listbox.
Double clicking title it opens page to editbox and shows file number in titlebar.
Search for CoInvoke here.
Without checking the original include header file, is there any way to export this virtual function table from a dll file like d2d1.dll?
I checked the d2d1.lib file. It only export few functions used to create COM object. It does not contain any information of functions in the vtbl...

Anyone can teach me how to do?
Game Development / Re: 64-bit DirectX 11 - Part 4 - Color Fonts
« Last post by AW on Today at 05:16:34 AM »
This is the MASM source code and .exe for the Direct2D application.
As mentioned in the first example, is saved as UTF-8 (without BOM), so make sure you use an editor able to read it. Even with a suitable editor you may not be able to see all characters properly (in Windows 10. In Windows 8.1 you will not see them all no matter what you do) unless you use the Segoe UI Emoji font on the editor (except for VS 2017 in Windows 10, which makes some sort of miracle and allows us to see all characters with any font, amazing).

PowerBASIC / Re: Single Instance Text Editor, BlackMono.
« Last post by Mikl__ on Today at 01:57:15 AM »
Hi, hutch--!
It's very good example!
PowerBASIC / Single Instance Text Editor, BlackMono.
« Last post by hutch-- on October 22, 2018, 11:33:07 PM »
I wrote the basic editor about 10 years ago and recently added the code to control the text and background colour, set the margins so it had a wider selection bar and set it with the "#option largemem32" to increase the available memory it has available.

It is a old Notepad style interface but has search and replace, goto line number and will run multiple instances with drag and drop between instances. Hope it is useful to someone.
The Laboratory / Re: Hyperthreading - Revisited
« Last post by daydreamer on October 22, 2018, 06:50:43 PM »
wouldnt it be best to try with and without HT in a cg application that makes use of either 4 physical cores or 2 physical cores+2 HT?
but if you load it with gigabytes of photorealistic textures+very hipoly 3dmodels,its memoryspeed and cache performance and maybe luck if all threads are working with same texturepart at the same time or 4 different tiles with different textures
maybe knowledge about how lowlevel hardware could help me pick the perfect tile/bucket size in 3d renderer
Hutch the percentage of performance of an extra core drops when using memoryintensive 3dscene,but probably if you only use procedural for most thing it probably works fast

if you want to code your own procedural,would it maybe be best to perform randomizing in one thread and have perform cosine in Another thread,or when you need many registers without need to turn to masm64
Game Development / Re: 64-bit DirectX 11 - Part 4 - Color Fonts
« Last post by AW on October 22, 2018, 05:45:15 PM »
Right, no color fun in Windows 7

This is a link to download the Segoe UI Emoji font, the last I posted was for Segoe UI Symbol. However the code I left here yesterday will not render it in Windows 7 because is using the flag D2D1_DRAW_TEXT_OPTIONS_ENABLE_COLOR_FONT.
Game Development / Re: 64-bit DirectX 11 - Part 4 - Color Fonts
« Last post by mabdelouahab on October 22, 2018, 05:35:11 AM »
windows 8.1 x64
Game Development / Re: 64-bit DirectX 11 - Part 4 - Color Fonts
« Last post by TimoVJL on October 22, 2018, 05:16:07 AM »
Windows 8.1 don't render svg.
Window 7 don't render Color fonts, so blank window.

That link was from year 2012 and last update for segoeui is 2018-05-11 in my Windows 7 PC.

EDIT: seguiemj.ttf for M$ Office 2013 and be creative and use 7Zip to unpack it.
         updated Segoe UI emoji font
File identifier    File name    File version    File size    Date    Time
Seguiemj.ttf    Seguiemj.ttf    Not applicable    1,788,856    18-Jul-2018    14:11
EDIT: for Office 2016
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