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Title: RosAsm Updated 13/09/2013
Post by: guga on August 06, 2012, 09:39:46 AM
Version 2.053g
    * [Implemented] RosAsm can now be able to load manifest files in the resource sections.

Version 2.053c
    * [Implemented] RosAsm now can load, view and assemble RichEdit50 classes. The richedit50 works for WinXp Sp1 and later using Msftedit.dll. For earlier versions of windows, don´t worry, because RosAsm can still load RichEdit Controls, it will only not be able to display them on the resources editor if you are using an older RichEdit library. (Consider upgrading you windows version as well)
    * Removed the mention for ReactOS from the MainTitle. Since RosAsm works on any windows versions and also on ReactOS, there is no need to keep the reference to ReactOS.

Version 2.053b
* [Bugfix] At function "BuildFromEquRoutine", i fixed the structure´s viewer calculation of the Equates. Now it can properly display he values (equates list or structure variable) of members that contains "+" sign followed by a number or an equate.
Ex: [MODULEENTRY32:|dwSize D|th32ModuleID D|th32ProcessID D|GlblcntUsage D|ProccntUsage D|modBaseAddr D|modBaseSize D|hModule D|szModule B MAX_MODULE_NAME32+1|szExePath B MAX_PATH
[WSADATA:|wVersion W|wHighVersion W|szDescription B WSADESCRIPTION_LEN + 1|szSystemStatus B WSASYS_STATUS_LEN + 1|iMaxSockets W|iMaxUdpDg W|lpVendorInfo D
* Implemented "FindNumberInsideStructure" function to help above.

Follow the link for an update (