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Title: Renaming tool for Vasily's include files.
Post by: hutch-- on July 10, 2016, 01:20:19 PM
Problem solved with Vasily's include files, here is a toy that renames "extern" to "externdef" with a batch file to run it.

Place the EXE and BAT file in the same directory as Vasily's include files, run the batch file and all includes will have extern renamed to externdef.

Modified includes tested on multiple examples and they work fine, the main gain is you can build libraries that do not end up bloated at massive sizes.

Files attached.

Basic at its best.  :biggrin:


    cmd$ = command$

    Open cmd$ for Binary as #1
      Get$ #1, lof(1), a$
    Close #1

    Replace "extern " with "externdef " in a$

    Open cmd$ for Output as #1
      Print #1, a$;
    Close #1

    StdOut cmd$