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Title: Updated 64 bit editor.
Post by: hutch-- on September 21, 2017, 01:36:08 AM
I have done some more work on the 64 bit editor, it now produces correct line and column numbers and has a load file total byte indicator that acts as a form of progress on the status bar and while this does not matter much on small normal sized files, I have been testing the editor on a 700 meg file and its load time is respectably fast. I am close to determining the absolute limits of the edit control and it seems to be about 800 meg. It will load larger files up to about 2 gig but a number of actions of the editor do not work and a bit over 800 meg appears to be the limit on the Win10 I am using.

It may one day end up being the 64 bit version of QE but would take a hell of a lot more work to do that. The programmable menus work OK but you can only edit the ini file manually. I may make a settings editor for it but that is in the future. The most noticeable thing is it loads large files a fair bit quicker than QE as it is 64 bit.
Title: Re: Updated 64 bit editor.
Post by: jj2007 on September 21, 2017, 02:17:33 AM
Works fine with a 1,335,639,380 bytes file :t

After closing this file, the whole machine remains in slow motion mode (a factor 20...50 slower than usual) for some minutes. Maybe I need more than 4GB RAM.

In any case, for my tiny 1-2MB sources, I prefer another editor ;)
Title: Re: Updated 64 bit editor.
Post by: hutch-- on October 01, 2017, 05:55:40 PM
This is the next version, the auto-indent works correctly, block indent works of all of the direction keys, left and right give micro indent, up and down gives macro indent and TAB moves 4 spaces, note that all of the indent works with selection only and the selection must be made with full lines dragged down the left side selection bar. The programmable menus work correctly and its file load times are FAST !!!! I have a bit more to do in the core code, I have not worked out the double click word selection yet but once this is done the core code is close to finished and I can start to work on the peripheral code. The plugin DLL interface works fine as well.

There is a side directory that contains the text files that can be inserted from the "Text" menu.
Title: Re: Updated 64 bit editor.
Post by: zedd151 on August 05, 2018, 03:20:43 PM
I have been using this 64 bit editor off-and-on for about a week now. Good job, and thank you for putting 'Select All' back in the Edit menu.  8)