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Title: Telkom-ians
Post by: Raistlin on February 11, 2019, 04:55:45 PM
So the national (pseudo-monopoly) telecommunications company in South Africa, is un-creatively called Telkom.
These fellows are essentially aliens dispatched from the other side of the galaxy to come an install any kind of
fixed line service. For this reason (re: other side of the galaxy) it takes physical months for them to react to any
kind of issue you may have. Be it sales, faults or cancellations - you don't have a prayer. Their systems are such
that you are caught in a web, that is impossible to navigate --> literally. These "systems" also do not talk to each other
and their employees are VERY quick to point out their INTERNAL processes, which YOU need to follow to get anything done.
The horror stories of this company are legendary, potentially the worst service company in the world. Here's a quick
A chap cancelled his fixed line contract, which was acknowledged and promptly disconnected - but was continued
to be billed for the service for an additional 2 years. Nothing the customer did (and he did try everything !) persuaded
a change in his billing status. Stopping the debit orders from going off his bank account, prompted Telkom to blacklist
him with the credit bureau. This resulted in his bank declining any kind of credit he needed for purchasing a home (bond).
This kind of thing is not isolated - there are literally thousands of cancelled Telkom accounts still being billed. Some more
Telkom billing stories here:

It's gone so far (and this has been happening for years) that a parody website - aptly named HellKom was created to assist victims of Telkom to migrate to other
service providers:

So I should have known better, but did'nt. A January 2019 special for a fixed line Fibre/DSL 10Mbps with free installation, free line rental, free TV box, 1 Month free
service and free Wifi extender; was just too tempting. Speeds of 10Mbits down and 5Mbits up just seemed to tickle. All for about $58 US dollars.
So I ordered online (big mistake) and started waiting........ 1 and a half months later and 4 missed (by them) appointments, the installation occurred,
which took 2 days [my home is physically 10 meters from the sub-exchange and for some reason the telkom-ian spent most his time on a pole or in a manhole
 - probably his native habitat]. Then the big reveal...........

Speedtest shows 8MBits per second down and 0.8Mbits per second up ADSL <---- not what I ordered ! // Also no TVbox because that is done through another system.

I promptly unplugged everything [13MB in total use-age] in-front of the telkom-ian whom then would'nt take his stuff back. I was forced to drive through to the
local Telkom (consulate?) shop...... Trying to give the crap back, took 3 telkom-ians and the managing telkom-ian (ambassador?). I was then informed that
the amount of Telkom internal processes I was violating constituted irreparable damage to the system. No pleas by me of consumer protection laws or false
advertising could sway them.  They even tried to blatantly lie and say ADSL and VDSL were the same thing......... I was never offered the fibre although such
was included in the advertised offer. Only mentioning I was a certified network engineer and lecturer shut them up. BUT - I am now in their billing system
and I will supposedly get billed regardless if I used their service or have their equipment. The month free (???) does'nt count at all......F@#Ksakes !!!
Title: Re: Telkom-ians
Post by: hutch-- on February 11, 2019, 07:01:20 PM
This is even worse than here in OZ. I have a brawl going with the local water supply where they overcharged me for a period that my water meter was not accessible. I payed them the money then told them it was a contested sum. This crippled any attempt by them to use clumsy methods to retaliate. Then I fed it through a form of ombudsman which has annoyed them for over a year and while they have a back channel to keep feeding them bullsh*t, it costs them time and money to do so.

Next trick is a new agency run by a big firm of accountants to keep check of the legality of the water provider. I will send another complaint to the water provider and if that does not hurry them up, I will take the next step.
Title: Re: Telkom-ians
Post by: K_F on February 12, 2019, 07:08:53 AM
I cancelled Helkom years ago and they actually paid me money back in settlement ;) - I was shocked. :)
Title: Re: Telkom-ians
Post by: Raistlin on March 27, 2019, 02:45:49 AM
Update from credible local IT forum:
Title: Re: Telkom-ians
Post by: Raistlin on March 30, 2019, 03:44:33 AM
Update : Just installed fiber 200 Mbits/up & down/ uncapped & unshaped/ no fair use policy
and it benches above 200+ - seeeeeesh I'am so happy I can't express myself  :greenclp:'Now
downloading the Internet  ;)
Title: Re: Telkom-ians
Post by: hutch-- on April 12, 2019, 02:42:45 PM
I have tested my new one and it delivers about 95 Mbit which is fine but the sites don't get any faster. Truly great for downloading old movies for an old fella I know but it has not been fully configured yet so it does not have my phone number and cannot get at all of my email addresses yet. Mine uses single co-axial cable called HFC which appears to handle 100 Mbit OK.

Means I can collect high res 4k video even faster.  :eusa_clap: