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Title: Hardware breakpoint and Exception Handling
Post by: FlySky on October 15, 2012, 12:00:50 AM
Hey guys,

I am playing with exception handling by installing a Vectored Exception handler into my program.
I want to  execute a piece of code and let the program break on a hardware breakpoint.

Here is a snippet of the code:
        invoke SuspendThread, [hMainThread]
   mov [context.ContextFlags], CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS
   mov eax, [HardwareBreakpointAddress]                                    //Copy address to breakpoint in eax
   //Set a ba e1 <addie> breakpoint
   mov D[context.Dr0], eax                                                            //Copy address to breakpoint in Dr0
   mov D[context.Dr6],0
   mov D[context.Dr7],1                                                                 //Enable the breakpoint
   mov eax, [StartingAddress]
   mov D[context.Eip], eax                                                            //Set eip to run the code
   invoke SetThreadContext, [hMainThread], offset context
   invoke ResumeThread, [hMainThread]    

I think I know where the problem occurs and that is how the hardware breakpoint is set.
I want to set a hardware breakpoint on execution.

According to documentation found with Google (mainly C++ code) I found these snippets:

ctx.Dr6 = 0x00000000;
ctx.Dr0 = dwBreakPoint; // Set Address of Breakpoint 1
ctx.Dr7 = 0x00000001; // Activate Breakpoint 1
use these for setting more breakpoints
ctx.Dr1=address; // Set Address of Breakpoint 2
ctx.Dr7 |= 0x00000004; // Activate Breakpoint 2
ctx.Dr2=address; // Set Address of Breakpoint 3
ctx.Dr7 |= 0x00000010; // Activate Breakpoint 3
ctx.Dr3=address; // Set Address of Breakpoint 4
ctx.Dr7 |= 0x00000040; // Activate Breakpoint 4

Another snippet:
            thread_context.Dr0 = func_addr;
            thread_context.Dr7 = (1 << 0);
            SetThreadContext(hMainThread, &thread_context);

It looks so easy, but I fail to get it working, could someone englighten me how to do something like that in ASM?.
Thanks in advance.

The Vectored Exception handler should catch an SINGLE_STEP exception but that exception never reaches my exception handler.

Title: Re: Hardware breakpoint and Exception Handling
Post by: TouEnMasm on October 15, 2012, 02:26:39 AM

If you have the c++ code , you have the soluce in asm.
In "project property" ,"c++ command line"         add /Fa
"Generate " and you got an asm file,it's so simple.
Title: Re: Hardware breakpoint and Exception Handling
Post by: FlySky on October 15, 2012, 10:40:09 PM
I managed to get the code working:

   invoke SuspendThread, [hMainThread]
   invoke GetThreadContext, [hMainThread], offset context

The change has to be made on:
mov [context.ContextFlags], CONTEXT_FULL | CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS, without these flags debug registers are not set properly.

The hardware breakpoint is working, but I noticed a slight delay when updating EIP to start at a new place with code,
it takes 3-5 seconds before EIP actually executes there.
Is there any delay in the SetThreadContext API?

On google I found the following topic:

This kind of is my problem aswell. Anyone got any ideas?