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a=b*c: move c into b, then repeat addition of c n-1 times.

Hi everyone,

I'm not asking for a code. I just need someone to tell the steps in plain English.
Thank you
MasmBasic & the RichMasm IDE / Re: Miscellaneous snippets
« Last post by LiaoMi on May 20, 2019, 10:46:18 PM »
Project upgrade failed (your source is 2007, I tried with Visual Crap 2010) 8)

Hi jj2007,

I also have no success in the visual studio 2019, I will try on another machine. The first example shows that in GDI it is not reachable, and the second example shows how ideally it should be, taking into account that another mechanism is used. The speed and processing of both techniques are completely different. I do not think it's worth puzzling over this problem  :rolleyes:
The Soap Box / Re: Where our numerals come from (my theory)
« Last post by mikeburr on May 20, 2019, 10:05:59 PM »
its pretty obvious that primitive people started by counting the features of these [pic of a foot].. i still count my toes regularly as an elderly academics check for dementure and still get it wrong !! ... well if you know anything about the History of Mathematics youl know that about 3000 years ago in  roughly the middle of what is now Iraq early genius mathematicians only had 3 toes on each foot [assuming they had two feet and not one foot with 6 toes ]  as they had a SIX based number system.. obviously as people evolved they grew more toes  on which to count and fairly obviously had TEN toes as most of us use a TEN based number system ... but about 60 years ago aliens landed and infected an a woman in the locality of Bradford England and a little earlier a lady in Germany with a binary gene ... they produced children one of whom was  German physicist,Walter Hans Schottky and William Shockley [notice how the names are almost identical] .. who went on to pioneer diodes and transistors particularly as binary devices .. YES .. the same binary device-children which you are now programming... but it is a FAIRLY well kept SECRET [until i just blabbed here that is] but the binary toes of these inventor greats has also been evolving enabling true ALIEN descendants to sport 16 TOES .. enabling them to count in hexadecimal ... as this charactaristic is ULTRA RARE in the normal population ..IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE COUNTING IN HEXADECIMAL  you should report them on this site IMMEDIATELY   regards mikeb
ps they may be furtively building machines like the Wishfull thinking Machine Photo courtesy ColonelSanders Chikin Lab [too large to upload !!]
The Workshop / Re: Masm 64 programs
« Last post by hutch-- on May 20, 2019, 10:05:36 PM »
The paths are hard coded for a reason, it prevents getting the wrong versions of binaries. What you mention can be done but you will have to change every file with a path to do it. The old fellas used to set the environment which was OK when everything used the same binaries.
The Workshop / Re: Masm 64 programs
« Last post by daydreamer on May 20, 2019, 09:40:16 PM »
Timo is right, you can either add it to an existing MASM32 installation or put it on another partition renamed to MASM32.
but if I want a custom named masm32 folder,instead of just keep masm32 is it easy to rename just my own includes to use for example "masm128" or do I need to go thru the whole masm32SDK+masm64SDK .inc files with loads of renaming?
MasmBasic & the RichMasm IDE / Re: Miscellaneous snippets
« Last post by daydreamer on May 20, 2019, 09:01:26 PM »
maybe - post a demo ;-)
docs says it doesnt antialias lines,only polys in fullscene antialias
MASM64 SDK / Re: Enterprise WDK 2019
« Last post by Siekmanski on May 20, 2019, 08:51:37 PM »
but this is my goal is produce some amazing demo

Hi Magnus,

The source code of the elevated 4 Kilobytes demo is available on the web if you want to have a look at the code.
MASM64 SDK / Re: Enterprise WDK 2019
« Last post by daydreamer on May 20, 2019, 08:27:03 PM »
Here is how to mount an iso file without downloading :

Quote httpdisk-10.1.rar is a virtual disk driver for Windows that uses the HTTP protocol to mount disk images from a web server. It is also a demonstration on how to do network communication from kernel mode on Windows using the transport driver interface (TDI).

I was able to mount the EWDK iso file and extract the necessary binaries. No need to download the the whole iso.

Thank you very much! Did not know about this property, mega cool trick!

That is roughly 2,700 times the Masm32 SDK - what do they put into this gigacrap? Hours of videos explaining to the young wannabe programmer what a number is?
Well perhaps I have that kind of things, because my \masm32 have 3.4GB!!!

26.8MB of something MasmBasic? And 55.1MB of JJ examples?  :biggrin:


My folder size is 8 gigabytes  :biggrin:
my folders are big,containing some ebooks and big d3d textures and lots of reference code to look at
if its a competition to have the biggest masm folder,its easy to just use lots of very hires uncompressed texture files,and prerendered movies
but this is my goal is produce some amazing demo
comon,350meg landscape program or just look at AW's game list
so I try to make my .com and .exe's as small as possible
but it would be nice with a utility that tells me the exact number of bytes in .exe,so I dont need to manually trial and error and to see there is 330 bytes to reach 3096 bytes in my .exe

so what is the reason to your big masm32 folder and what is your goal(s) with masm?

Hutch when I use VC++ to compile to x64,the code runs faster,would be nice with a benchmark showing this as yet another reason to use masm64

The Soap Box / The Logic behind Horoscope Signs, Planets and Days in the Week
« Last post by i Z ! on May 20, 2019, 06:20:17 PM »

This image I also find very interesting:

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