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The Campus / Re: Hello everybody
« Last post by hutch-- on Today at 11:52:28 AM »
The Campus / Re: Hello everybody
« Last post by jj2007 on Today at 11:31:42 AM »
Code: [Select]
28.02.94  06:40            25,728 ASM.PRG
28.02.94  06:40            20,754 LINK.PRG

Code: [Select]
*24-Nadel: Esc * 39 n1 n2 : 180 Punkte horiz., vertikal
*12 bit auf 24 Nadeln vertikal, je 1 Pixel auf zwei Nadeln horizontal
*1280 Punktspalten senden   3 Bytes (je 4 Bit!)

          MOVE.L    16(A3),D5
          BEQ.S     N_HORIZ
          MOVEQ.L   #'U',D5

HC0:      MOVEQ.L   #31,D6     *ZÄHLER HORIZ. 0-31

HCTOP:    MOVEQ.L   #-80,D2
          MOVEQ.L   #0,D0      *Alle Bits auf Null
          TST.L     (A2)
          BNE.S     G_24
          MOVEQ.L   #7,D7      *ZÄHLER VERT.  1-8/1-12
HC1:      ADD.W     #80,D2
          MOVE.L    (A0,D2.W),D1   *Zu prüfendes Byte laden
          BTST      D6,D1          *SPALTE D6: 31-0
          BEQ.S     HC3
          BSET      D7,D0          *ZEILE D7 SETZEN
HC3:      DBRA      D7,HC1

          TST.B     D5
          BNE.S     BUF_G8
          MOVE.B    D0,(A1)+
G_24_BL:  MOVE.B    D0,(A1)+
          BRA.S     HC_LOOP

Code: [Select]
16.10.17  14:14         744,448 uasm64.exe
21.02.17  04:36         1,197,712 link.exe

Code: [Select]
  xor ebx, ebx
mov ecx, [esi+8*ebx+StringArrHeader]
.if ecx
.if ecx!=offset MbArrEmpty ; don't test strings in data section
mov edx, [esi+8*ebx+StringArrHeader+4] ; len
.if sdword ptr edx>0 ; don't test recall strings
push ecx
invoke HeapValidate, MbProHeap, 0, ecx
pop edi ; original string
.if !eax
; int 3 ; check edi for original pointer
mov ecx, edx ; HV message passed via edx+1
dec ecx
Print Str$("\nHV #%_i:\t", ebx), hcText, ": ", ecx
inc ecx ; flag
inc ebx
  .Until ebx>=stack

It's called progress ;)

Welcome to the Forum, Frank :icon14:
The Campus / Re: Hello everybody
« Last post by felipe on Today at 11:27:50 AM »
Welcome to this great forum!
The Campus / Hello everybody
« Last post by FrankD on Today at 10:54:08 AM »

my name is Frank. I am from germany. I am 51 years old. My english is a bit rusty (i need the help of miscellaneous translators). So please be lenient. The last program i wrote was compiled with the borland turbo pascal compiler. The first language i learned was assembler. I had an Atari 520 ST and started programming with an assembler from Data Becker. Later at university (i studied Technomathematik, but gave up after i passed the pre-degree) i learned Fortran and Pascal. My colleague and i worked at the institute for mechanics. We had a professor who came from America and he brought 2 Silicon Graphics Personal Iris to this institute. The major subject of my colleague and me was finite elements. So we had the delectation to work with those fine computers. My colleague did the mathmatics that were behind the finite elements and i did the graphics with Pascal and an API called PHIGS. But as i mentioned before - i droped university. In the nineties i worked mainly for network companies. In particular with Cisco router and switches. But nothing worth mentioning. But over the years i always kept one eye on the assembler scene. And i appreciate that there is still abundance of activity, interest and ideas. Well, that was a "short" overview of my programming life.
Well, all right.
Warm greetings to you all!

UASM Assembler Development / Re: UASM 2.42 Update
« Last post by habran on Today at 08:19:45 AM »
Thank you JJ :biggrin:
It is a great reword for the hard work we have put in UASM 8)
We need to start breading again with full lungs after a long time of holding our breath ;)
Nice, very interesting jj, and works too!  :icon14:
include \masm32\MasmBasic\         ; download
  Init tc
  Let esi="40000h"
  .While 1
    @@:         Let esi=Input$("address: ", esi)
        .Break .if !Len(esi)
        mov ecx, Val(esi)
        Print Str$("Dword at %i = ", ecx)
                mov eax, [ecx]
                PrintLine "The OS reports:", CrLf$, LastEx(info)
                jmp @B
                PrintLine Str$(eax)
Tools & Toys / Re: MessageBox "compiler".
« Last post by Siekmanski on Today at 06:24:32 AM »
I like this approach, cool technique.  8)
I have a program that allows the user to ask for the value at any address, valid or invalid. So sometimes it can try to retrieve the value at an address the program does not have access to. An error is thrown ... how do I catch and handle such errors?
The Workshop / Re: Map viewer
« Last post by jj2007 on Today at 05:07:30 AM »
Thanks :P

I dropped the left-right thing because now you can select the country simply by clicking on it. Afterwards, the up-down arrays change the colour.

First post is updated with new version, including the source - 48 lines of code :biggrin:
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