Registration Agreement

    The rules are really simple,

        * no spam,
        * nothing illegal to be posted,
        * you keep within the forum rules,
        * we expect new members to make a posting in the open forum, not a PM to admin.
           We do this so we know that new members are not spam bots.

        If you try to post SPAM, it will be DELETED and your account will be locked so you CANNOT POST AGAIN. Spam will NEVER BE LEFT IN THE FORUM.

        NOTE that members who do not post within a limited time will be deleted to protect our members from spam and spam bots.

    We enforce the forum rules as they are stated and we determine the intent based on our experience.

    If you agree to abide by the forum rule, you are welcome to join the forum.

    NOTE : To deter spammers we have a compulsory set of questions that must be answered for an initial number of posts. We apologise for the inconvenience to genuine new members but must address the spam problem to protect members from garbage.

    The admin team.