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We have many members in this forum who write very good code but often its not easy to find but the forum software has the capacity for each member to put their own URL in the signature so that other members can link to their own site to see what they have to offer.

At its simplest it looks much like this so its easy enough to do and it means that more people can see your code and programs.

--- Code: ---My Code Site
[size=10pt][b] [/b][/size]

--- End code ---

About all we ask is that the basic forum rules are respected, only legal content and no blatant commercial advertising. The URL is for members own code, not some corporation.

seems legit,
i have changed my signature

Bill always writes nice stuff   :t

Hutch gives him his own little corner: \masm32\examples\Bill_Cravener
and Bill has a bunch of other stuff on his site, too...

but, i don't think Chris (gwapo) is looking for examples   :lol:

You need to have an account on a server somewhere to post a URL.

Tried to upload a picture to use for my avatar. Doesn't the forum accept a 160x160 .jpeg picture for an avatart?  :icon_confused:


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