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Out of Quarantine
« on: August 13, 2022, 02:14:07 PM »
Hello. Since the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has revised its quarantine protocol for Covid, I felt it fitting to change my username from 'quarantined' to swordfish. I also changed my password at that time.

So, I logged out then proceeded to log in as 'swordfish' using the new password. FAILED!  "That username does not exist."
Tried 'swordfish' with the old password. FAILED!  "That username does not exist."
 I thought. Okay, since I did the usermane and password change on my iPad I thought that maybe the iPad auto catiptalized the first letter of either the new username or password. FAILED!, FAILED!

Okay some minutes (many) later. I go to my PC and try to log in as 'swordfish'... "That username does not exist."
FAILED.  Grumble, Grumble #@$%^&&!!!!!

Thinking, thinking.. (insert nonstop progress bar here - lol)......

Okay, so I then tried to log in as 'quarantined' but with the new password. Finally.
The forum username is 'swordfish' but the account username is still 'quarantined'   

That means I have to use 'quarantined' plus the new password to log in. Who would have figured.

Odd that...

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