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As previously mentioned in this thread:

--- Quote from: zedd151 on April 12, 2018, 07:40:17 PM ---Plans for future games in the "Simple Games" series...

connect 4 type game (can't use that name for copyright reasons) ; this one won't be so simple to code

probably will also add a card game or two
--- End quote ---

I will be continuing my 'Simple Games' series.  Next game Tic-Tac-Toe. First version will be 32 bit, will make 64 bit version soon afterwards.
Also, I will at some point rewrite the other Simple Games in 64 bit. Stay tuned.

looking forward to it Zedd :thumbsup:
for card games you can use unicode cards,best use of move game to 64 bit is chess easily comparing bitboards for 8x8=64 squares with one opcode



--- Quote from: daydreamer on August 22, 2022, 02:09:10 AM ---chess easily comparing bitboards for 8x8=64 squares with one opcode

--- End quote ---
Ooh, I love playing chess. Too bad my level would probably be under 500 though.
Chess would be nice, but much harder to program hence not a Simple Game.  :greensml:
Speaking of grids, sudoku is on my list.

This is the start of the game code. Now just a simple interface and only one action.
Left click in the client area and an 'X' is placed at 0, 0  (

did a little work to get the mouse coords, and place the bitmap accordingly (
Some details in that last piece  ...2, that need to be addressed before going further

refer to
for latest developments for this project

Gave the coordinate code its own procedure.
Slow steady progress.

Removed attachment due to bugz


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