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A tiny puzzle from some years ago. Made 100% asm+gdi, no external libs.

- New. New game
- Reinit. Reinit the game if you are lost.
- Load a bitmap. You may load any bitmap to solve the puzzle for it.
- Level of difficulty (bmp divided in how many tiles).
- Exit

Ayuda (Help):
- Ayuda: Help. This open a window with the original bitmap to serve as a guide.
- Acerca de: About. This open a child window with a nice about dialog.

To shuffle the slide puzzle I use brute force (manually), but there are some algos to do so, like the Fisher-Yates, but not every shuffle may be a solvable puzzle. When I have time I'll try to use some algo to shuffle it.

Cute game. Kinda like my 4x4 game, but with pictures and only 2x2.

Should expand it to 4x4. For the unsolvability issue, I start with a solved puzzle and scramble it using only valid "moves" I do many iterations of scrambling for a better mix. Then you could even make it larger 5x5, 6x6, etc. without worrying about unsolvable puzzles.

Very nice about box. That is the crowning jewel of this example.  :cool:

You may increase the number of tiles of the puzzle by selecting the "Menu/Level/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8". It has 8 leves, 2x2 is only the first level.  :thumbsup:

You also may use your own bitmap using "Menu/Load Bitmap"

Oh, cool. I just gave it a brief look at. I'll give it a better look when I'm at my computer

Okay, it is cool. I really like the about box especially. Usually they are fairly plain.


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