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Coding comparison using the Po-Shen Loh's new quadratic formula

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Here is a video by a well-known author in the asm community.
He makes a very interesting comparison, especially after minute 15:25 when he makes the asm comparison.  :biggrin:

Check it out


I watched the video, much depended on how the C compiler handled numbers. The ASM code was faster as expected but the author said it was not highly optimised. Interesting enough but I don't know what you use it for.


--- Quote from: hutch-- on September 03, 2022, 04:57:49 PM ---Interesting enough but I don't know what you use it for.

--- End quote ---

Quadratic formula is reverse equation of polynomic of grade 2.

     Y = a + b*X + c*X^2

     Y = polynomic (a,b,c,X)  ;  X is known and Y is unknown

     X = quadratic (a,b,c,Y)  ;  X is unknown and Y is known

     If i know steers body weight in kg is related to age in days by:

           BW = -50.4 + 1.22*age - 0.000472*age^2

     What age could have a steer that weighs 450 kg?
           age = quadratic(-50.4, 1.22, - 0.000472, 450.0)



   It was entertaining in an overdone sort of way.  So
thanks for posting.  Useful?  Maybe as an introduction
to algorithm testing I suppose.


Steve N.

Hello Steve
You are absolutely right.
You don't always have to agree on the content, but one or the other pearl can almost always be found.



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