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[ironic]The most handsome president in the world[/ironic] has just announced that he will donate another 130 million euros to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (it is not the first donation).

This raises several questions and concerns to me:
   - How is it possible that the president of a country that is in technical bankruptcy, continuously rescued by the ECB, thinks of donating hundreds of millions?
   - How is it possible that no one morally stable accepts money from a country in technical bankruptcy?
   - This way, I also become a philanthropist.
   - How happy and smiling they all look. How nice.

Could it be that with this donated money we are securing a position of high responsibility in the hundreds of international organizations that parasitize public and private finances once we leave a government?


The most handsome president in the world
Multibillionaire and philanthropist George Soros has channeled more than $130 million through the Open Society Foundation to help the most vulnerable groups in society mitigate the effects of the corona crisis.
Lo siento, no leí con atención el artículo en el periódico, ahora vuelvo a leer el artículo. Resultó que el artículo no estaba escrito sobre John Soros, sino sobre el primer ministro Pedro Sánchez. ¿Pero acaso estamos hablando de los mismos 130 millones?

> ¿Pero acaso estamos hablando de los mismos 130 millones?
It's probably, though in this case, it is 130 million for a foundation promoted by Bill Gates, which seems to be in the same boat as György Schwartz (aka George Soros)


Mikl__, I never thought the George Soros was that handsome.  :tongue:


Is it really handsome? It is really dangerous...


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