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Anyone know anything about bignums?

Specifically, looking for actual implementations in assembler (or in C or some other translatable language), or even a good conceptual explanation.

Just found out about this technique. (Lets you handle numbers of any arbitrary size without being limited by the size of your registers.)

From dedndave "Ling Long Kai Fang Bignum to ASCII"

Something like this?
A search here for "Bignum" will yield some more results

I also have 'Ascii Adder' that I used for my fibonacci generator.
Adds ascii decimal text strings of virtually any length (depending on amount of memory allocated of course)...

Um, maybe. Not sure that's the same thing, and not quite ready to delve into that code. But it might be that stuff.

What do you need it for, what data type?
And, does it have to be fast?
At any rate I think there are still a few math nerds enthusiast members heer who may be able to help.

a couple more links (from giggle)

A Verified Bignum implementation in x86-64 Machine Code a pdf


Not sure if this might be what you are after


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