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86Box and Hercules video card


For some, this might bring back memories. Back in about 1989, I used a 386 machine with, I think, a Trident and Hercules video cards. I used to send HelpPC output to the Hercules card and to a monochrome monitor.
Now that I think about it, I think there were better ways to do this by using something like DESQview. But I didn't know any really serious programmers back then.
Anyway, I was playing around with 86Box, and found that I could add a second video card. So I installed DOS 6.2, (I think I used IBM DOS 4.0 back then) added the second video card and it worked like a charm.
The only problem with 86Box is that the networking doesn't work on Linux hosts.
Anyway, I found it interesting.


so its possible to use second monitor=tv?
once I ran my sky/floormapping 3 monitors wide,dual gfx output+an old pci card


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