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I need a good name for my little editor

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As I have had already several different editors that played on my forum name here, "z editor", "zeditor", "ZeddsEd"; and "SimpleEd", "simple editor", and probably others that have long since been forgotten, I am asking the members here to suggest a name for
my current editor project as I have run out of ideas.

So, what would you suggest might be a good name?
I will let this thread run for one month (or so), then if more than one suggestion I will pick one at random using a PRNG to choose a name from the list. The chosen name will become the name for that editor, and whomever suggested the name will be credited in the about box.  :biggrin:

On second thought if more than one member suggest the same name, that one will be the new name and the members that voted on it will be given credit for choosing the name.  :azn:

"NobodyEd" ? :biggrin:

Interesting the use of short names, but then, a Help become mandatory.


--- Quote from: HSE on October 14, 2022, 04:30:55 AM ---Interesting the use of short names, but then, a Help become mandatory.

--- End quote ---
You mean for the menu bar items? If so, yes I know.

lol @ NobodyEd. But I'll put it on the list.  :biggrin:


Keep it simple, "zed".  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: hutch-- on October 17, 2022, 08:57:51 AM ---
Keep it simple, "zed".

--- End quote ---

 :greensml:  I mentioned somewhere else here that I have already had editors named "z editor", "zeditor" (no space), "zedditor", "ZeddsEd", and probably a couple other variations with reference to my forum name here.  :tongue:  But yes, 'zed' is the shortest name. And much better than HSE's recommendation, "NobodyEd". Did he just call me a nobody?  :sad:      :biggrin:


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