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Somehow it seems Olly (version 2) gets slower and slower when loading an executable. The reason: it loads an awful lot of udd files, and that takes about 3-5 seconds.

Has Windows become more bloated? I have a dedicated udd folder, and it holds 27 files with a total of 55MB.

Is there any trick to speed up the loading of an executable?

... and in a related question, just what is a .udd file anyhow? I do notice dozens of them being loaded when I use Olly.


--- Quote ---OllyDbg is strongly module-oriented. Module is the main executable file (usually with extension .EXE) or dynamic-link library (usually .DLL) loaded either on startup or dynamically on request. During debugging session you set breakpoints, define new labels and comment assembler commands. When some module unloads from the memory, Debugger saves this information to file with the same name as the debugged module and extension .UDD (stays for User-Defined Data). Next time when OllyDbg loads this module, it automatically restores all debugging information, no matter which program uses this module. Suppose you are debugging Myprog1 that uses Mydll and set some breakpoints in Mydll. Then you start debugging Myprog2 that also makes use of Mydll - and all breakpoints in Mydll are still here, even if Mydll loads on different location!
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--- Quote from: jj2007 on October 15, 2022, 10:56:46 AM ---Is there any trick to speed up the loading of an executable?

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Use ollydbg 1.10  :tongue:  I've tried v.2, but would rather use v1.10 myself.
In fact ollydbg 1.10 is one of the few programs I keep in my OS backup. Masm32 of course, resed, opera browser, and a handful of others. Anything else, I install as needed.  :biggrin:

Also olly v2 analyses all the .dlls called from the program being debugged, and stores a udd file for each one. And yes if you are running Windows 10/11 those OSs are becoming more bloated.
Have you tried xdbg32/64?


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