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About a week ago my sister found a little puppy wandering around our front yard. The puppy started following her, so of course my sister decided to give the skinny puppy something to eat. It was dirty, malnourished and extremely hungry. The following day sister151 (she doesn't want me to put her name  :tongue: ) took the little puppy to the vet for the usual puppy vaccinations and a general checkup. The puppy is a pitbull/terrier mix.
We already have a 10 year old black labrador/border collie mix, Gypsy. They at least tolerate each other so far, and seem to be warming up to each other a little at a time.

The puppy is not microchipped and none of the neighbors know where the puppy came from or who the owner could be. We assume that someone just abandoned this puppy on our road. Who would do that to a helpless little doggy? The puppy is very playful, and when playing with Gypsy would growl at her and chase her around. I wanted to name her "spicy nugget" but my sister prefers just "Nugget".  :biggrin:

 Nice to hear that lovely puppy found a good home.  :thumbsup:


a cute little dog. Who won the naming contest?


--- Quote from: Gunther on November 02, 2022, 03:35:00 AM ---Who won the naming contest?

--- End quote ---
My sister of course, "Nugget". I still think should be "Spicy Nugget" since the little pupper is spicy (still teething, nipping, acts like a big dog in some respects, etc).  :biggrin:


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