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Going back to Windows 7 from 10: how?

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It seems to be the case that once you know where everything is, Win10 works OK and surprisingly enough, once Win 11 hit the deck, Win 10 is not being stuffed around with like it used to be. I feel sorry for those who jumped on the Win 11 bandwaggon, only to have to suffer years of Microsoft having to fix it.

I am blessed in that none of my boxes will run Win 11 so they cannot try and force an upgrade onto you by stealth like they tried to do with Win 7 some years ago. I tend to build a computer for a specific OS version and the last thing I want is some half arsed upgrade forced on you.

My Win 7 64 Ultimate retail version cost me over $400 AU and I was phuked if I was going to let it be updated to a broken crapheap. I started using Win 10 with a new box I built for it, my trusty old monster that I thrashed the guts out of for 6 years and now that it is a retired senior, it still runs perfectly if I ever need it. It has a 14 core Xeon in it now so its useful enough but the latest 18 core Xeon has more grunt again.


--- Quote from: hutch-- on January 24, 2023, 10:22:55 PM ---It seems to be the case that once you know where everything is, Win10 works OK
--- End quote ---

It works ok for the average user, maybe. I just discovered that one of my proggies is broken because the Win10 version of msftedit.dll handles the EN_LINK notification differently. That was a very rare event in the chain Win3.1->Win7.


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