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Ukrainian frame up over Polish missile strike

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After the kneejerk media response to missiles landing in Poland, it seems that the missiles were launched by Ukraine, not Russia.

Now this raises an unusual situation, while NATO has been backing Ukraine, if a NATO member country is attacked by a non Nato country, they are supposed to act collectively to defend the member country. That means that with Poland being attacked, NATO are supposed to act to protect Poland.

I would not hold your breath waining for this to happen but could you imagine, Ukraine being attacked by NATO from the west while Russia continues its attack from the east ? Perhaps they could meet in the middle.  :joking: :rofl:

If an old russian made S-300 system fails to defend a russian cruise missile, all bad might happen.
From what direction a those russian cruise missiles came, from Belarus air space ?
Just follow those trajectories.
I am very stupid, but i just think, that what Belarus hide ?

Just let wiser persons to explain that for me.


The rumour mills around various parts of the world suggest that Zelensky was trying to get NATO to fight his war for him by shooting a missile into Poland. Then blame the missile strike on the Russians and start WW3.

As Zelensky sucks Europe and the US dry in terms of taxpayers money and military equipment, is it any wonder that both the US and Europe are getting cold feet when it comes to pumping more money and equipment into Ukraine when all it does is give the Russians more junk to destroy.

The only winners I can see are the American military/industrial complex who are getting massive orders for military hardware and even if the Russians splatter it, they still get paid. Europe is going bust due to sanctions agains Russia AND draining much of their own military equipment into Ukraine, I wonder when this nonsense will stop ?

Can anyone imagine what a serious war would be like between NATO and Russia ? Decimate and depopulate the Baltic countries, flatten the bulk of Europe apart from isolated enclaves, major cities and ports in the US and that is apart from any damage done across Russia.

Someone in the west needs to come to their senses and pull the plug before a serious war starts. On the bright side (if you are a bug) is the bugs will inherit the world.

Isn't full scale war already showed in  1983 "war games" movie?
And nowadays military cyber training equipment might let you train that kind of scenario?
Seen on TV the participants they trained in cyberspace anti terrorist squad training

Are you sure it's the bugs?
Imagine automated factories on both sides continue to deliver new battle drones + fully automated battle drones keep on fighting the war after humans is extinct,including leaders that have the authority to press battle drones remote off switch?

I don't see anything new that would make me change my original idea that the EU should have put all the effort into stopping the war as soon as it started. Instead, all parties seem very interested in continuing with it. The bottom line is that the friends of foreign goods, who dominate the West, also want to dominate the East, and do not seem willing to give it up so easily.

Lately, though, I've heard that Biden is starting to push Zelensky to discuss a ceasefire with Russia.


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