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Toml files have been heavily pushed by Python lately. I took a look at these and they actually have some interesting advantages.  :thumbsup:

Its homepage is

Compared to JSON or XML formats, it looks much simpler while offering the same functionality at the same time.

Some previous discussions can be found here:


Hi Biterider!

Look easier to write, but harder to track errors, than JSON.

In the balance there is little to gain moving JSON to TOML, I think.

I maked a couple of apps that run in the phone using Java and, for obvious reasons, JSON work very nice.  :biggrin:

Anyway could be interesting to have that in repertory, just in case Python become popular  :biggrin: :biggrin:


One of the things I desperately miss in JSON files are comments...
For the rest, I'm with you  :biggrin:



--- Quote from: Biterider on November 20, 2022, 01:02:11 AM ---One of the things I desperately miss in JSON files are comments...

--- End quote ---

JSONC could be an option.

--- Code: ---JSON formatted files are readable to humans but the lack of comments decreases readability. With JSONC, you can use block (/* */) and single line (//) comments to describe the functionality. Microsoft VS Code also uses this format in their configuration files like settings.json, keybindings.json, launch.json, etc.
--- End code ---


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