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Dear hutch--,

Is it possible for you to add dark forum theme, so that anyone can personalize his/her forum account. Light themes shred my eyes. I am pretty sure there are others who uses dark themes on his/her machines or IDE's

I have searched through the forum but I could not find dark theme and theme related topics. So I have written here.

I have much the same problem, I get some eyestrain from light colour schemes but adding mods to this type of forum software is problematic and makes maintainance more complex and unreliable. The forum has gone through about 6 or 7 updates and they are reasonably straight forward as long as I stay with the default theme.

I am so sorry for this. Firefox's Dark Reader plugin is also not good enough for this forum :/

I have searched SMF web site for you, to get info if there is some kind of "default" dark theme made by SMF developers, but I could not find any.


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