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You will need to be able to access to read this but if you are from the EU or the US, this is how your tax dollars/Euros are being spent by the Monaco brigade.  :tongue:


--- Quote ---Why is the US so involved in the Ukrainian war? Why do they care?

Philippe Fabre, 30 August 2022
Because they have everything to gain and not much to lose!

By invading Ukraine, that idiot Putin offered them a unique opportunity to annihilate Russia, break its ties with the EU, strengthen NATO and its control, embarrass China,... all at a low cost! And all Americans are fully behind it! Only some Western Europeans need to be convinced. The facts:

The Russian army sucks! its outdated armament, its low morale, its failed strategy, its incapable logistics,... It only knows how to launch 20.000 shells per day with an execrable precision. Massacring civilians. Rape women and children. Raze the cities.
The Ukrainians are hyper-motivated, their army well trained, very flexible and cunning, very supported by the population.
Ukraine can win the war and push the Russians back. With the weapons provided by the USA. If that happens, the Russian Army will be on its knees. Putin will be fired.
Putin threatens a lot - the nature of the weak - but the US doesn't care! They are not risking anything! They have sent 300,000 troops to NATO countries and Putin will not mess with them.
The sanctions will sink the Russian economy. Its trade with the West will be finished. No one will invest in Russia anymore.
This is a proxy war! Not one GI will be killed! The Ukrainians are fighting in defence of the West, which is providing them with the weapons to win.
It's not costing the US much! $50 billion budgeted so far. Compared to a cost of 10,000 billion for the previous wars in the Middle East.
It is a model for the future war against China (if it takes place). Taiwan will play the same role as Ukraine with US support.
This war weakens the EU, by putting a stop to their business in Russia. It forces its members to close ranks behind the US and strengthens NATO, which was said to be moribund. As a bonus, the EU has to buy American liquid gas which costs them twice as much as Russian gas.
For Biden, the irrational invasion of Ukraine is a godsend! It even makes him go up in the polls.

Thank you, Putin!
--- End quote ---


Is this a press release rom Zelensky's office as he plans to seige Vladivostok ?

Spare a thought for all those poor bastards trying to defend Bakmut.


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