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I need a program called "FindLine"

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 a.txt file bytes
   1 byte file, didn't have line seperator "0Dh 0Ah"
 b.txt file bytes
  0Dh 0Ah 0Dh 0Ah 00h 0Dh 0Ah 0Ah
   8 bytes file
   It has 3 empty lines
    first empty line
     before line seperator, and not after line seperator
    second empty line
     before line seperator, and after line seperator
    third empty line
     not before line seperator, and after line seperator
   two not empty line
 c.txt file bytes should be

Why "FindTheCommonLines"? Because we have line sepetator "0Dh 0Ah" here
We don't care about empty lines, so just don't look at them

I wonder if this program already exist?


--- Quote from: learn64bit on November 29, 2022, 04:41:33 AM ---I wonder if this program already exist?

--- End quote ---

Look that in your mind program is very clear. Just build it  :thumbsup:

Please do yourself a favour: write what you need in your native language, then let DeepL translate it. Plus, zip a.txt and b.txt and post them here. Maybe somebody will understand then what you want :rolleyes:

Wait, wait: before taking JJ's advice (which is good advice*), let me ask: is what you're really looking for here something that could be called "Find common lines"? Because based on your description (what I can figure out in it, anyhow) is that you want a count of lines that are identical between a.txt and b.txt, not including blank lines. Is that right?

* I have to second JJ's kind of annoyed suggestion, because it annoys me too: people who post stuff here in English that's impossible to understand. Before you accuse me of being an Anglocentric snob or something, let me point out two things: one, that this happens to be an English-language forum, and two, that if I were to post such incomprehensible gibberish in your native language, you'd be annoyed too.


If I had a buck$ for every incomprehensible question ever posted, I would own 2 Cadillacs, a house on the Riviera and at least 2 Lear jets.

Perhaps what our friend needs is a little more comprehension and some better explanation of what he is after.


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