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--- Quote from: TimoVJL on November 30, 2022, 11:55:32 PM ---Sorry for all, who suffers. As anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis knows, it's important for them to keep moving, even if it's often painful.
Fortunately, I don't remember suffering pain after drinking more than 2 promilles  :tongue:

--- End quote ---
Slip on ice and fall was my pain after first snow
Booze is for humans similar to cars antifreeze, right amount and -20 c or colder , you dont feel freezing  :tongue:

I am back home from my hernia surgery.

I am feeling good. A little groggy.


I hope very much that you will be healthy again soon. Stay strong and firm in your faith.

Best wishes, Andy !

Thanks greenhorn.

On day 2 after my hernia surgery, I am experiencing some abdominal pain in my groin area.

I initially went in because of a bulge on my right side about the size of a tennis ball.

My surgeon said he would check the other side and put the mesh in their also while he had me "open."

I see him about a week and a half.

There are two stitches, one on each side, so I suspect he did both sides.

There is some small amount of blood oozing from my belly button.

He gave me some pretty neat color pictures of the mesh emplacement.

Take care,


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