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To our friends in China, condolences on the death of Jiang Zemin


I guess 96 is a good age to get to, but he was a well respected statesman and a loss to the people of China.

To pay respect as regards your condolences. :thumbsup:

You can also quickly hear the voice of China.

1,His greatest contribution was to prohibit the PLA from doing business.
2,He was a good engineer.
3,He was a good proxy.

As I have usually been insulated from the more rabid of propaganda against China, it has allowed me to have a reasonable understanding of how China works and this was helped years ago by a lecturer from Shanghai who spent time in Australia on exchange between universities.

A big country with a turbulent history unified under Chairman Mao, the cultural revolution and a succession of leaders who have generally contributed to raising the living standards of a very large number of people.

In particular, the current leader, Xi Jinping is an interesting person, a man who emerged from a humble origin and with a good grasp of poverty in the past who has done much to raise many people from difficult living conditions so they have an income, a job and a reasonable living standard.

All countries have their own problems and China is no exception but in the great movements of history, much has been done in a relatively short period of time to raise China from the wreckage after WW2 to the status of an emerging economic super power.

I sympathize with the Chinese people and with their many hardships, the tight control over the people by the government is disturbing, not that it's unique to China, the rest of the worlds governments are likely to follow, see this video about the founder of Alibaba
BTW, this zero covid policy is designed to bankrupt the economy at the same time to further enslave the people so that the new world order can be established

You are right, I need more freedom!


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