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Script Help
« on: February 17, 2023, 09:19:26 AM »
The attached zip file has the RTF viewer "rtfhelp.exe" and a list of RTF files that are displayed when you run the viewer. It is the help file for the script engine run by QE and a couple of the other editors. QE has 2 DLLs that will create a script file for both text and binary input files.

To get a script to handle multiple files when the script in produced by either of the DLLs, you need to remove the "end" statement from all but the last file in the script so that all the files are written to disk.

Also read the "Security Issues" topic as the script engine can write binary files, originally aimed at image files, but can also write ANY binary file. Generally you should never run an unknown script as it could contain malicious code.

You can run it stand alone by using either se.exe or se64.exe.
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