Author Topic: RosAsm Bitmap Editor - Updated 12/12/2.012  (Read 3763 times)


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RosAsm Bitmap Editor - Updated 12/12/2.012
« on: December 10, 2012, 01:42:18 PM »
RosAsm BitMap Editor v 1.02 alpha

This is just a test i made after converting an bitmap editor i found on cppfrance. I plan to use a simple bitmap editor to use inside RosAsm resources editor once i finish rebuilding it.

Btw, if someone have the source of aBitMapEditor from Darrel, please let me know, because i would like to see how he handle to use the GdiPlus features.

Updated version 12/12/2.012

v1.02 - it can save the images without ruining it. (Fix date: 12/12/2.012)

Warning. Version 0.1 alpha ( had bugs on saving. I maintained it here for historical purposes only and if someone wants to compare the fixes on the uploaded files.
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