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Workspace Manager for Pelles C
« on: January 01, 2013, 06:33:31 AM »
With many thanks to CommonTater for creating and maintaining the project, here is the Workspace Manager V3 for Pelles C. This Add-in is designed to create and maintain workspaces hosting multiple projects. You can also create new projects with the Workspace Manager.

Features :

Support for POASM in all project types.  C and ASM sources can be mixed and compiled in the same projects.  (Check the file types bar at the bottom of the SaveFile dialog when creating a new source file.)

POASM include folders created in the pellesC install directory... <PellesCDir>\inc and \inc\ce for your include files.  In the default install these are at C:\Program Files\PellesC\inc) Masm32 include files can be used for this purpose.

Multiple projects can exist in the same folder and can even share sourcecode.

New Project type "Windows Resource DLL", for image repositories, internationalization etc.

WIN32_DEFAULT_LIBS and WINCE_DEFAULT_LIBS are defined for C Sources by default. This should free you from adding libs to the Linker tab for most projects. Including the C header also adds the appropriate library to the list. (See the "Tip about Windows Import Libraries" in the Pelles C help file).   

Better Keyboard navigation in the Manager and New Project Dialogs. Most functions are available with a single keystroke.

Drag and Drop support for PPJ and PPW files in the Manager dialog.

Project Templates are renamed for easier identification and can be customized (within limits) for your personal needs. Just edit the template in POIDE save and recompile.

First file is automatically created when you create a new project.

Support for Windows 2000 for legacy users.

Dialogs are more compact for tablet users.

Attached are the Workspace Manager ( WSM ) and an example built with the WSM Add-in.