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Sony Cell Processor reference
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:27:46 PM »

Finally they release a reference for it. The RISC is a simple one, but making difference between "and" for register and "and" for immediate word is a waste of mnemonic.

For example, if you want to and a register with an immediate you have to use the mnemonic "Andi" and for register "and".

If MASM team who create the assembler it must be much better than written originaly by Sony. And also, using "R" word for register name is much better than using "$" sign. For example, to move a register you should do "mov $38,$127" which mean, move content on register 127 to regsiter 38.

Basically it was a PowerPC RISC Instruction set which use the term "branch" than "Jump" to do execution between one code instruction to another code instruction on memory.

And just like what we use on Intel processor, the PPC which had 4 Ghz speed is onlly the controler, where the graphic calculations is handled by 8 GPU called the "SPE". The difference is, the SPE is programable where our GPU is standarized by DirectX or OpenGL. Well, honestly, I wont build my own 3D library on that machine if I had to use that machine. I better use what existing. Even I heard there are OpenGL version for Playstation 3. I better use that. The only advantage is, I can do my own memory transfer between Framebuffer to my CPU buffer without any lag. It is 470 GBytes/s.

Not bad.
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