Author Topic: Install trick: NOT in root using symbolic links to primary folders  (Read 5360 times)


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Just thought I'd share this, from Windows Vista 32-bit...

I can't stand having the \masm32 folder in the root of C:\
I also didn't want to change all the absolute path references in all the source files, MakeIt.BATs, etc.

So, after the installer finished I ran this script:

Move \Masm32 \Dev\Masm32

md \Masm32
cd \Masm32

MKLink /d bin     \Dev\Masm32\bin
MKLink /d include \Dev\Masm32\include
MKLink /d help    \Dev\Masm32\help   
MKLink /d macros  \Dev\Masm32\macros
MKLink /d lib     \Dev\Masm32\lib   

Using the symbolic links, everything seems to work just fine: Assemble+Link from inside QEditor and the MakeIt.BATs.
Under my Explorer pop-up context menu item, I add C:\Masm32\Bin to that console window's Path before running ML and Link.