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The MASM Forum in Sydney Australia
« on: May 19, 2012, 06:38:56 PM »

Welcome to beautiful sunny downtown Sydney Australia, the new home of the MASM Forum.

The MASM Forum has been moved from the UK to Australia because the site was no longer large enough to properly host the forum. The forum attachments and database have become so large that it is almost impossible to backup the attachments and database. To further compound the problem, the hosting company in the UK was taken over early in 2012 and recently advised its old customers that the shared hosting platforms will be retired and that accounts will no longer be renewed.

The new home for the MASM Forum is on a high speed high security virtual server and it is a far larger site with full control of the server and how it is configured. This substantially improves maintaining the site as it is no longer half a world away and there are almost no restrictions on what can be done with it. The old UK forum has been stored on the new server as an archive that can be browsed and searched but because of the age and compatibility of the software, it can no longer be used as a forum.
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