Author Topic: All things come to those who suffer long enough.  (Read 2734 times)


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All things come to those who suffer long enough.
« on: May 27, 2012, 03:24:38 AM »
Something I needed after moving the site from the UK to Australia was a local copy of the old forum that I could edit, clean up and eventually archive into a usable form.

First there was the PHUN of getting an Apache/MySql/PHP server going locally. With almost no documentation available, you learn which version goes with which by trial and error, next trick was to find what combination  the old forum software would run on.

With special thanks to "tedd" for his suggestion on how to back up the MySql database in limited diskspace, I got a complete database, all 2.2 gig of it, onto my local machne with no damage or truncation. It took something like an hour to load into the MySql database then the software installation of SMF was dropping errors on the attachments. After being pissed around trying to find a PHP file that was supposed to fix the database, I shoved in the original files that were taken from the server in the UK and BINGO, it actually ran.

A few fiddle with the paths and added the attachments that had been placed in the forum since I did the last attachments backup and it all works !!!!!!!!

PHARK I hate working with this left over Unix stuff, the documentation is splattered all over the internet like a mad woman's chyte, version compatibility is genuine crap, the documentation for the differences is even worse and to add to the PHUN versions vary from one Linux Distro to another. Give me DLL hell any old time, at least you can bypass it with decent binary.  :biggrin:
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