Author Topic: Online backup/sync software to backup your asm projects  (Read 3887 times)


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Online backup/sync software to backup your asm projects
« on: May 28, 2012, 04:28:02 AM »
Probably most people already use backups to an external disk for their asm projects, but i started using a few online backup providers a while ago. Some give storage away on free plans.

So far ive tried the following:

- Adrive
- Dropbox
- Sugarsync
- Spideroak
- Safecopy
- (
- Google Drive
- Comodo Backup

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

I found the dropbox one easy to use for quickly sharing photos to family members (once photos are uploaded), and sharing/distributing single exe installation files for small asm projects. The downside (or more accurately - the hassle) is in copying files into a special local dropbox folder or subfolder. For the lazy person, this isnt convenient.

Adrive gives a lot of storage for free, but uses a java uploader that is slow in my opinion.

Safecopy feels a bit rough in using its local pc client and it seems to run forever in background taking up cpu. (or now as well) seems ok, but tbh having used as much.

Gdrive suffers same problem as dropbox, requiring you to copy files/folders to sync into a specific folder. The sync process seemed to take ages as well.

Comodo backup looked nice, but didnt seem to play well with my pc for some reason, uses a virtual drive letter to 'mount' to the online storage account, which often crashed (caused explorer to crash as well) or didnt connect.

Both spideroak and sugarsync seem to give plenty of flexibility in selecting exactly which folder, sub folders or files to sync to its servers. Spideroak also encrypts the data so that even the support staff cannot view the contents - good for privacy or paranoid people. Sugarsync works quickly and doesnt seem to soak up the cpu cycles in transferring data, and also has a nice interface.

So after evaluating and trying all these out, i seem to stick with sugarsync and spideroak, i have a dual boot pc winxp/win7 - spideroak on xp, sugarsync on win7, and although i tend to stick in win7 mostly nowadays, occasionally i boot back into xp.

Most of these providers also offer rewards or ways of increasing free data storage given, by referrals links and emails, linking to social networking, and/or small quiz/intro task completion.

I recently got an extra 500mb for a referral to dedndave on sugarsync - (i think he also gets the bonus 500mb on joining - which is nice :D )

So wondering what everyone else uses or has used and what is their experiences with using online backup?

p.s. if you want to get sugarsync and get bonus for using the referral (and for me as well ;-) then signup with this link, thanks.


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