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slow death by Rubber Duck
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:28:12 AM »
 Hi Rubber Duck fans:

 A  book on chemicals in your life by Bruce Lourie & Rick Smith.
 It has a pretty picture of a yellow rubber duck on the cover.
 A very funny book by two Canadians about the toxic chemicals in
 your body. Why you should avoid teflon frying pans, anti-bacterials
 and fire retardants. About Japan's mercury scare and Ontario's
 mecury scare i e Paper Mill near a Indian Reserve.
 Mercury is used by paper industry to make the paper WHITE.
 It also kills the fish and does Not help the Indians
 health at ALL.
 It also talks about Michigan's Cattlegate page 104 it's about
 a screw-up that happaned when a chemical firm ran out of
 pre-printed bags for cattle feed.
 It's not funny Ha Ha it's funny Oh Sh*t!

 Regards herge
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Regards herge
Read "Slow Death by Rubber Duck"
for chemical Laughs.