Author Topic: a couple of network programs you might find useful.  (Read 1801 times)


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a couple of network programs you might find useful.
« on: April 20, 2013, 10:26:57 PM »
I started wondering just what was hitting my system from my firewall(Comodo) so I did a search for some network programs to get an idea about security. One good suite is from Nirsoft,a very good programmer who has many programs that are free. Nirlauncher is a suite of all of his many very good utilities. One I like very much is Smartsniff,a packet reader. Then I found Networkminer, a VERY good packet sniffer and a bit more.
Another one I find really interesting is PeerBlock,a nice program that can let you block questionable ISP's they have a download with preset blacklist and whitelist so you have a pre done list and you can add or take away from these lists. Useful if you wish to block certain ISP's.

Here are some links for these programs.

For Nirlauncher go to:  (the Suite is generally portable,so you can put it on a stick.

PeerBlock come in a portable version from PortableApps site.

You can download their main menu program and then add programs in it that are portable.
I use this one quite a bit,keeping it on one of my memory sticks.

Networkminer is as far as I know open source,and there is a free version and a commerical one that is a bit steep,but mainly aimed at business use. The free one is enough for the average home user.

Here is their main site and has both the free version and the professional version.

They show features for both versions and as far as i can tell the professional version runs about 500 EUR,so a bit expensive,but for some maybe worth it.

One thing about Networkminer,it does have simple help,but you would need to study network security terms to get the most from its data gathering functions.

I started searching for these programs when I noticed a lot of traffic through my Firewall.

There is one that comes to mind,SipVicious

Check this site for information on this program that seems to target VoIP

Just an FYI about security concerning the network concerns we may all find interesting and perhaps a way to protect our systems.

One more thing about Smartsniff,it allows you to call another program to trace where the data came from using IPnetinfo,and you can save a report and the data in hex ans ascii. Nice little tool. Get the suite,it can sit in your tray and is always available. Nir has many very useful programs that I at least have come to relay on a lot.