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USB to USB I/O on Windows > XP
« on: July 13, 2013, 04:15:21 PM »
 Hi USB to USB i/o fans:

 No takers eh!

 I was in Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA newest library near Laurel Creek Conservation Area.
 Fischer-Hallman@ Something I can not remember might be Bearinger Road. But definetly
 North Campus of University of Waterloo and north of Columbia.
 We had two things you can plug into a USBs ports. One was a KIngston 16 GB flash drive
 and we also had a card reader with a camera card. You break USBs on Canon cameras
 by putting them into your pockets! Say so in the manual. Both items can hold 16 GB.
 Now I don't know what great O/S from Microsoft they use but it is NOT XP it is > than XP
 so you get three copies of the File you want to Move.
 i e
 copy IMG_0001.JPG
 copy of IMG_0001.JPG
 Isn't this operating system Great!
 I had a conersation wiyh the head Librian she said it was a Network Problem.
 I asked why there are using the Bloody network, it's on the same computer.
 I did not mention that I worked at NCR 25 years populated stupid Printed Circuit Boards
 and tested them as well. PCBs are found in Computers and NCR ATMs and
 Cheque processing equiptment. Also ran a POS called a Universal Sequencer
 Machine made in Binghampton New York, USA. If you ask real nicely I will
 drive a tow motor and put The NCR ATM on your trailer. I did not ask which
 stupid OS they had but I would not Buy this POS Piece of Sh*T!
 Also can't get a command prompt where you do it in under a minute
 I was there for a couple of Hours? I even had to get help to move the files from
 one i/o port to the  next one?
 Software and Computer support are a low priority here at Harper Library!
 > Greater Than!

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