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Pelles C version 8.00 RC1 announced by Pelle :

Hi Erol,

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wow, a lot of changes between version 7 and 8. Thank you for forwarding the news.  :t


Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 2 :

Pelle's announcement :

--- Quote ---Major changes (from version 7.00):

RC2 changes:

    Fixed problem in cnd_signal() runtime function where the number of signals to issue could be too high.
    Fixed buffer overrun problem in debugger decoder for wide string literals ("\u0000" is longer than "\x00" - duh!)
    Fixed crash in C compiler tail-call detection code for unoptimized code (shouldn't even be called for unoptimized code).
    Fixed problem with OpenMP min and max reduction where initialization values was reversed (same problem in the help file too).
    Modified the code to refresh the caret when changing font size (using the mouse wheel, or other means). The old code apparently tried to solve some problem it no longer solves. Bleh.
    Added null-pointer check to debugger, in a place where it looks nearly impossible for the pointer to be either null or bogus - but at least one person manged to crash here anyway.
    Added attempt at handling some unknown functions with ESP frame during debugger stack walking on X86. (Unknown in the sense of not having associated debug/fpo information.)
    Fixed resource version text for 64-bit SQLite DLL.
    Changed spelling of name in ws2_32.lib from _WSAFDIsSet to __WSAFDIsSet.
    Added macros to io.h for MS compatibility: _filelengthi64(h), _lseeki64(h,o,m), _telli64(h) (the easy ones, some harder cases will have to wait).
    Updated output in Events Add-In sample.
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Pelles C version 8.00 Release Candidate 3

Pelle's announcement, RC3 changes:

--- Quote ---    Fixed problem with __crt_abort() not being exported from C runtime DLL's.
    Fixed missing functions in OpenMP stub libraries.
    Fixed crash when using OpenMP runtime schedule.
    Fixed problem in IDE with erasing in MDI Tab Control using Windows classic theme.
    Fixed problem in compiler with reference-counting of elements in "tiny" struct optimizer pass.
    Fixed problem in compiler with equated labels in tail-recursion optimization pass.
    Fixed problem in compiler with const-qualified predetermined data-sharing symbols in OpenMP.
    Fixed problem in IDE with add-in menu commands for the debugger.
    Added support in IDE for add-in menu commands for Differences and File->New.
    Added status message to IDE when building browse information for functions (so people with a huge source file to have something to look at)
    Replaced backtracking updates with cached data, in the Browse information manager, for ~4% speed improvement (which is better than 0%, I guess).
    Changed () to (void) in callback for OpenGL gluQuadricCallback(), gluTessCallback(), gluNurbsCallback().
    The compiler will now only display calling convention for a function type in Microsoft mode.
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Release candidate 4 announced by Pelle :

--- Quote ---RC4 changes:

    Upgraded to SQLite
    Revised the Browse Information builder to expand some macros, and evaluate some preprocessor expressions, for slightly better information.
    Added attempt to show hidden console window before waiting for keypress in idespawn.exe.
    Added compiler support, in Microsoft mode only, for zero-sized array in union, and incomplete type in sizeof. Also, all '__w64' keywords are simply ignored.
    Added status bar text of fully qualified filename for projects on the start page (if same project name in multiple locations, f.e.).
    Removed linker attempt to convert Microsoft undocumented 'v4' CodeView information.
    Removed possibility to use a break statement in the body of an OpenMP loop (not valid).
    Added resource compiler option /M to display MAKE dependencies.
    Fixed dialog editor crash when changing font to a longer name than previously used.
    Fixed debugger problem with dangling binary search tree pointers (only happened when CodeView information was poor, and the debugger tried COFF information instead).
    Fixed compiler problem with dead store elimination before a function with an optimized-away return value.
    Fixed compiler problem with incomplete check of the shape of a (nested) conditional operator tree, when optimizing, and the condition involved a non-register type (like a floating-point value on X86).
    Fixed compiler problem with too aggressive demotion of multiplication in a condition.
    Fixed compiler problem with register allocation for an atomic assignment involving [un]signed long long (X86).
    Fixed compiler code generation problem with multiple post-increments of the same pointer in a condition (X86, X64).
    Fixed atomic_load() and atomic_load_explicit() as per C11 Defect Report #459 (still open, by adding const seems like a good thing).
    Fixed typo in msxml6.h.
    Fixed several typos in the help file.
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