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Video card musical chairs
« on: July 25, 2014, 12:42:35 AM »
I though it would be a good idea to get a later video card for my old quad, the one it it worked fine but was only a half gig memory so I went and bought a reasonably late middle of the range cheapie, a Radeon R7 240 PCI-E 3.0, plonked it into the old Intel board and it would not even start. After searching around it seems my old Intel board just does not like the Radeon card so I did a swap with my i7 on a Gigabyte board, it was also PCI-E 2.0 but the new 2 gig video card worked.

Nothing exciting, does not look any better than the old one on the i7 but I then put the older card from the i7, a Gigabyte 9800 into the old quad and BINGO, it worked straight off, had the correct drivers and is faster than the 9400 video card it had in it. I still tend to prefer Nvidia chipset video cards and their software works better. There was a Gigabyte utility for overclocking the video card on the install CD so I have tried tweaking it up just a little and it seems happy to run at 36C which is probably OK.

About the only up side of all of this pissing around to get them both to work is I had the chance to clean the old card up by brushing the dust off it and I have a very reliable 9400 video card as a spare.

I had a pair of 1TB WD disks that were slightly damaged by a disk caddie that started to hunt on idle. I had a little time during the week so I set them up, zero filled the worst of the two with the WD tool, then formatted it, aligned the drive with another WD utility and I cannot get any test to find any error it it so it may be safe to use again in something that does not matter much. I have an old PIV Northwood in a HP Compac machine that I inherited from a guy up the road and it has low hours on it. I put an orphan 320 gig disk in it and it runs OK so I may change it to the rejuvinated 1TB disk to make it an occasionally useful machine. I like to keep an old PIV Northwood going for compatibility testing.

I am trying to get all of this stuff done while its still winter so I have a bit more free time once it warms up again.

I also found a good toy for video cards, its called GPUz.
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