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Radasm 3 Bug
« on: December 22, 2014, 09:46:25 PM »
Hi KetilO

I found a bug in Radasm my project have no VersionInfo in the resource
but have i set the settings in Project>>Project Option>> IncrementBuild and Compile it Crash it

RaResEd VersionEdit.asm

Code: [Select]
Exception code: C0000005h
Instruction pointer: 0044169Dh

eax=00338050h ebx=00000000h ecx=7637A995h
edx=00000000h esi=000013BBh edi=0012F4E0h
ebp=0012F29Ch esp=0012F29Ch eip=0044169Dh

Code: [Select]
00441699  |. /74 0F         JE      SHORT RadASM.004416AA
0044169B  |. |8B10          MOV     EDX, DWORD PTR DS:[EAX]   <<<<<< eax is 0
0044169D  |. |FF42 50       INC     DWORD PTR DS:[EDX+50]
004416A0  |. |FF42 60       INC     DWORD PTR DS:[EDX+60]
004416A3  |. |C740 0C 01000>MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+C], 1
004416AA  |> \C9            LEAVE
004416AB  \.  C2 0400       RET     4

IncrementVersion proc lpProMem:DWORD

mov eax,hDialog
.if eax && eax==hVerDlg
invoke CloseDialog
invoke GetTypeMem,lpProMem,TPE_VERSION
.if eax
mov edx,[eax].PROJECT.hmem
inc [edx].VERSIONMEM.fv3
inc [edx].VERSIONMEM.pv3
mov [eax].PROJECT.changed,TRUE

IncrementVersion endp