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Trump for president.

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For those who didn't think he would run :)

Nothing like a straight talking president... He might just win..
The mood in the USA might be right for his type of character.

He has hair, charisma and the smooth ability to sell ice to an Eskimo.

If your a Democrat, Trump is manna from heaven.

trump shows high in the polls
but - the polls are badly biased
they are bought by the highest bidder
theory being that a candidate showing high in the polls gets more votes
which is probably true, to some degree

don't pay attention to the polls - lol

trump would make a super-crappy president
he's already made enough statements to prove that
it seems, every time he opens his mouth, stupid stuff comes out   :lol:

as always, we don't really have a good candidate
bernie sanders might seem ok - but it's mostly the typical "election lies", i suspect



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