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PIV revisited (almost).
« on: July 13, 2012, 11:19:36 PM »
Abut 6 months ago I found 2 computers chucked out by a catering company up the road, fixed up one for a friend of mine and have been tripping over the other ever since. Thought I should have a look at it so I opened the can and it was a 3 gig PIV Prescott in a Gigabyte board. Plugged in a monitor, keyboard and mouse and off it went, seemed to run OK etc ...

Tried to connect a later SATA drive but the BIOS had no setting to enable it and the board would not recognise the SATA disk. Ratted through the few old PATA disks and could not find anything even vaguely useful so I gave up on the idea, stripped it for a few parts and chucked the whole thing out.

Could not resist plucking the PIV CPU out of it,

IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 Processor 630 supporting HT Technology
(2M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

Ho hum.

Thinking about it, I wonder if the jewellery option is viable, the ball grid array side is gold plated so it looks cute and I guess if you put it into a nice frame it could be worn as a necklace by some geek girl who is into nostalgia computing. Its probably too heavy for ear rings, the girl wearing them would end up with the African style of very long ears.  :biggrin:
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